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Want to register a patent? Learn how to conduct a patent search

Want to register a patent? Learn how to conduct a patent search

In this cut-throat competition prevailing in the market, it is very essential to protect your innovation for getting an edge over your competitors. One of the safest and widely used method for the same is to get a patent of your innovation. It not only gives you an exclusive right for a substantial period of time but also provides a global recognition to the innovation. With the help of best lawyers of UAE, patent registration process can be completed quite easily by following some simple steps. However, one aspect, which is more often undermined is doing a patent search. In this article, we will discuss how to conduct a patent search in UAE with the help of top IP lawyers of UAE.What is a Patent?
In the words of best IP lawyers of Dubai, a patent is an intellectual property right of the creator which provides an exclusive right over an invention, and prohibits others from using it. The invention must provide a new method of doing something or provide technological support to the existing one. In UAE, the patents are governed by the provision of the Federal Law No. (17) of 2002 (UAE Patent Law). The best lawyers of UAE have suggested that all inventions are not patentable. As per Article 3 of the said law, if the invention is related to any of the below categories, no patent can be granted. These categories are as follows-

  1. Plant varieties or animal species
  2. Biological process for the production of plants and animals.
  3. Diagnostic methods or information regarding surgery.
  4. Mathematical or scientific principles.
  5. If it is against public policy or moral order.

Patent search
The International Centre for Patent Registration (ICPR) under the Ministry of Economy governs all matters, including registrations, cancellation or renewal of patents in the country. Before making an application, the interested applicant must undertake a patent search to know whether the proposed innovation is already in existence or not. Some best law firms of UAE are working in this niche area of conducting a thorough and in-depth patent search. However, while undertaking such an exercise, followings points shall be kept in mind

  1. The applicant should familiarize itself with the prior art. It refers to any evidence that your invention is already known. The evidence may not always be in physical or commercial form. Any evidence, which is just providing a hint that this innovation has existed earlier will be sufficient for this purpose.
  2. Now, the applicant should perform a critical analysis of the prior art. The main objective of this step is to understand the patentability of the innovation before initiating any further steps. Since absolute novelty is a key requirement of a patent, it is advisable to leave an idea which is already exposed to the public at large.
  3. The applicant should conduct both keyword search as well as semantic search. As explained by top lawyers of Dubai, a semantic search is a more advanced technique wherein the applicant can information about the intent and contextual meaning assigned to the search words.

How can we help you?
Conducting a thorough patent search is extremely important which sets a direction for the entire registration process. BSB Legal is specialised law firm with best lawyers of UAE having expertise in conducting a patent search, filing documents, registration, etc. To conduct a patent search with BSB Legal, contact us.

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