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About Us

BSB Legal Consultants pursues excellence in yielding a wide spectrum of alternatives that caters to the legal requirements of an individual. We are a full service law firm which provides for services to local as well as international clients. We have progressively augmented our services and the expertise in the field of legal services and are now one of the leading law firm of United Arab Emirates. We at BSB Legal, furnishes far-reaching representation on a catalog of legal services that are inclusive of not only the commercial law like merger and acquisitions, real estate, intellectual property law, private equity, employment and labor, taxation, licensing and registration, business setups etc, but also of family or personal laws.


Our team of Corporate Lawyers in Dubai are the experts of global legal sphere who are proficient in handling matters of international jurisdiction. Owing to their skills and experience, they are well capable of discharging high standard services along with practical bespoke legal advises to our clients.

Why we are different?

What makes us stand apart from the rest, is our utmost involvement and approach with respect to initiation of communication and building of relationship with our clients. Our dealing are much liberal, which allows the client to have tailored and straight-forward solutions for their legal dilemmas. 

Our legal professionals are dedicated and passionate about their field of law and the work they undertake. They incessantly strive to enhance their knowledge by sharing expertise and ideologies. Our team of litigation lawyers in Ras Al Khaimah are always encouraged to have lateral thinking and resolve intricate legal matters with fresh perspective. 

We at BSB Legal, focuses on virtuous and professional responsibility towards clients as well as the employees or lawyers of the company. Our law firm invests considerable amount of time and resources in predicting and resolving legal or corporate issues of our clients which has assisted us in maintaining a healthy and long-lasting relation with out clientele. 

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