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UAE: New law to help convicts in finding jobs after jail term


UAE: New law to help convicts in finding jobs after jail term

In a major development in criminal law jurisprudence of UAE, the government has announced a new law that aims to rehabilitate and reintegrate ex-convicts into society. The Federal National Council approved a new law that allows people to resume normal life after completing their jail term for any offense committed by them. Such ex-convicts will undergo rehabilitation programs before injecting them back into society.

In this news article, we will discuss the highlights of this latest development and its implication for society with the help of our best criminal lawyers of UAE.

What does the new law offer?

In the opinion of our best criminal lawyers of Dubai, the new law was the need of the hour as it provides ex-convicts a much-needed opportunity to lead a normal life through rehabilitation services. After completing the program, the ex-convicts will be provided with necessary certificates that will help them to secure jobs and post-incarceration care.

As suggested by our top criminal lawyers of Dubai, this rehabilitation will assist in removing the guilt of the past and injecting moral and cultural values to ensure a bright future. During this rehabilitation process, some special training will be provided to impart the necessary skill sets to make them job-ready in this competitive business environment. It is pointed out by our top criminal lawyers of Dubai that to avail this facility, it is essential that the accused must satisfy all the obligations as specified in the court sentence. For instance – if a person is accused of committing more than 1 offense, he shall be eligible for rehabilitation only after completing the sentences in all the cases registered against him.

Further, it is highlighted by our best criminal lawyers of UAE that the applicant must be residing in the country at the time of submitting their application for rehabilitation.

Exemption from the rehabilitation process

The new law has spelled out 5 instances wherein a rehabilitation process is not required, which are as follows-

  1. Minor crimes (where conviction is accompanied by fine only);
  2. Crime involving juveniles;
  3. Crimes for which a penal order was issued;
  4. Crimes where a stay of execution was issued;
  5. Crimes require conciliation.

In all the aforementioned offenses, the requirement of rehabilitation is relaxed.


The new law is premised on the reformative theory which propagates that the criminal law should focus on the reformation of the accused as a better human being. A reformative person becomes an asset to society and contributes to its growth. With the introduction of this law, the ex-convicts will get ample opportunities to reform and become a part of society again. To know more, you can contact one of our best criminal lawyers of UAE.

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