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E-commerce is a powerful means to connect the unconnected to global trade– Arancha Gonzalez
E-commerce is the activity of electronically buying and selling goods and services over the internet. This type of business is on rising especially after Covid 19 has hit our lives and businesses. Due to increased dependence on technology, shopping online has become the new normal. Contracts must be in place to define the relationship between parties involved.

Contracts to be entered into for the business to go ahead:

  1. Contract with E-commerce marketplace and seller: The contract can contain some standard terms and conditions which are non-negotiable in nature and the seller is obliged to accept. However, the parties, if agreed, can add distinct terms and conditions in a separate agreement. The contract shall mention the following details:
  2. Characteristics of the goods and services
  3. Mode of payment from customers
  4. Charges and fees of marketplace
  5. Terms of Delivery
  6. Warranty, indemnity clause and refund policy
  7. Marketplace’ and sellers’ rights and liabilities
  8. Mode of dispute resolution

It is pointed out by our top lawyers of UAE that the agreement must contain all the essential terms for it to be a binding agreement, thus taking the assistance of the business lawyer for drafting a suitable contract is the best option.

  1. Contract with Logistics providers and sellers: In e-businesses, outsourcing supply chain management is a common phenomenon, which makes third-party logistics providers an integral part of the marketplace. Generally, outsourcing is done regarding the delivery of goods to customers, and a contract must be drafted for a binding relationship.
  2. Subscription Agreement: For the purchase and delivery of goods, having a separate subscription agreement is recommended, subject to your business requirements. This agreement can contain the following provisions:
  3. Shipping policy
  4. Membership in the website
  5. Use of electronic signature
  6. Export control terms
  7. NDA: The non-disclosure agreement would prohibit sharing of confidential information with the public. Our top lawyers of Dubai suggest including proprietary information regarding your business in these contracts.

For setting-up e-business in the UAE’s mainland, apply to the Department of Economic Development (DED) in the respective Emirate and also make representation to the Telecommunications and Digital Government Regulatory Authority for approval of E-trade licences.
We, BSB Legal Consultants, provide the best services for business setup in UAE. Our top corporate lawyers in UAE will assist you in drafting perfect contracts and making representation for licenses and approvals before relevant authorities.
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