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STATUS OF AN out-of-wedlock CHILD IN UAE!

STATUS OF AN out-of-wedlock CHILD IN UAE!

Recently, in a historic move, the Government of UAE has decriminalized consensual relationships outside the marriage. The couples are allowed to have a consensual relationship outside the wedlock. However, an important question that remains to be answered is – What is the legal status of children born outside the marriage? In this article, we will answer this question with the help of our best family lawyers of UAE.

Legal status of children born outside the marriage

It is highlighted by our best family lawyers of UAE that any child conceived out of such a consensual relationship shall be considered legitimate. Article 410 of the Federal Law No. (31) of 2021 provides that the children will get legal recognition as per the Law of the country and will be cared for. However, for legal recognition, the couple needs to get married or either recognize the child individually or jointly.

Further, it is suggested by our top family lawyers of UAE that the couple needs to provide identification proof and travel documents. In case the couple fails to do so, they will be liable for an imprisonment period of 2 years. To avoid penal punishment, it is strongly advisable for the parents to either marry or acknowledge the child by providing their name, nationality, and other essential documents.

Birth Certificate of Children 

Before this new law, it was believed that a child outside the wedlock shall not be recognized in society. But, from now onwards, the parents can get the birth certificate of the child also, irrespective of the status of marriage. This decision is taken keeping in line with the best international practices as envisaged under Article 7 of the UN convention on the child’s rights.


To safeguard the interest of children arising out of the consensual relationship, UAE has made it mandatory for the couples to get married or acknowledge the child individually or jointly. The main objective of the penal provision is to protect the interest of the child conceived out of wedlock. He should receive proper care and recognition from his parents. For parents, it is strongly advisable to take assistance from the best family lawyers of UAE in such circumstances.

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