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Resolve your family disputes electronically!

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Resolve your family disputes electronically!

Recently, Al Khaimah Courts Department has launched a new system to digitise the complete family dispute adjudication mechanism. A special electronic portal is designed for this purpose that will make the process simpler, easier and hassle free. With the onset of the pandemic, we have adopted a virtual world very graciously, even our judiciary.  In line with the same, this new announcement provides that disputes will be resolved virtually without even needing to attend the court physically.

In the opinion of our top family lawyers of Dubai, it is a welcoming move as it will relax the tedious  requirements of traditional court procedures. In this article, we will discuss the highlights of this new announcement along with its implications with the help of our best family lawyers of UAE.

Family dispute resolution
As discussed earlier, a special and dedicated electronic system is designed for settling family disputes. All the family disputes in UAE are governed by Federal Law No. (28) of 2005 (UAE Personal Status Law). It provides comprehensive provisions for marriage, divorce, inheritance, and guardianship matters.  This law is applicable to both UAE nationals as well as expats, and based on Sharia Law and its traditions.

As opined by our top family lawyers of UAE, this law is exhaustive in itself comprising 316 Articles covering all facets of family issues. In the opinion of our top lawyers of Dubai, the family counseling advice provided by the centre has proven very effective in reaching an amicable solution between the parties. The Personal Status Law made it mandatory to complete the counselling steps before knocking at the doors of courts.

How to use the electronic portal?
The usage of electronic portal is quite simple and straightforward. The user needs to log in to the official website either directly or through the government website for Ras Al Khaimah. The user needs to enter the one time password (OTP) sent on the registered mobile number. After the user is logged in, he/she needs to fill a quick form and make your profile comprising all the details of your case. Now, all the important information and events will be updated on your profile relating to the case.

The digital portal provides various services to the users, such as-

  1. Both the parties can file their submission electronically;
  2. Follow up request on the existing matters can be made;
  3. The parties can submit their inquiry;
  4. The case details are available on the portal;
  5. The next date of hearing is automatically updated on the portal.

The advent of technology is dispute resolution is undoubtedly a progressive step offering numerous benefits. A lot of time which was earlier wasted in travelling and formal court proceedings can be saved. However, it is advisable to take assistance of our best family lawyers of UAE before initiating the proceedings virtually.

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