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New visa rules announced in UAE

New visa rules announced in UAE

Recently, UAE government has made big headlines by introducing groundbreaking rules relating to visas and immigration policy. These rules include a longer visit visa for tourists, a 10-year golden visa scheme, and new provisions for obtaining long-term residency. The aforesaid rules will be the executive regulations of the Federal Decree-Law on Entry and Residence of Foreigners.

In this article, we will discuss the major highlights of the new regulations with the help of our best lawyers of Dubai.

What does this new law offer?
In the opinion of our top lawyers of Dubai, the new regulations have detailed provisions regarding the creation of new visas. Further, it also provides much needed machinery to approve other kinds of visa, which were already announced by the government, such as Golden visa residency system. Though the details regarding golden visa were rolled out in the public domain about 18 months ago, they got legal status only after this regulation.

Our top lawyers of UAE have suggested that the executive regulations contain provisions regarding 60-day entry visa. This kind of visa mainly caters to the need of tourists or parents who want to send their child for a specific purpose.  The following are some other major highlights of the new law-

  1. Golden visa

With the golden visa, the government is planning to attract more skilled and efficient professionals in the field of science and technology. The brightest mind from all over the world will reside in the country, and subsequently, will play a major role in economic development. To promote investment, wealthy investors and entrepreneurs are eligible to secure a golden visa. Considering the benefits, the expats would be highly interested to make UAE as their home country.

  1. Green visa

This type of visa caters to the needs of people belonging to middle income brackets, such as skilled workers, freelancers, and self-employed individual. Talking about eligibility criteria, our best lawyers of Dubai has highlighted that the interested person must have a minimum monthly salary of AED 15000 and a bachelor degree in law, science and technology.

  1. Family sponsorship

Prior to the executive regulations, it was provided that the parents were allowed to sponsor their children until they were 25 instead of 18 years. In the new rules, the parents can sponsor their disabled child into adulthood. However, parents are vested with the right to sponsor their unmarried daughter at any age.

The executive regulations are a welcome step in the direction of creating a knowledge economy, as it aims to attract bright and tech-savvy minds with new visa schemes. Our best lawyers of Dubai have suggested that the employees will be eligible for a golden visa, if they are nominated by persons who are already holding that visa. You are strongly advisable to take the assistance of best lawyers of Dubai to reduce future hassles.

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