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New Covid-19 guidelines to be effective from 26th February, 2022

New Covid-19 guidelines to be effective from 26th February, 2022

From 26th February 2022, new Covid-19 related regulations will be effective in the country. As the outbreak of the new Covid-19 variant (Omicron) was mitigated in the country, the government has accordingly amended its policies. UAE has been a standout performer in dealing with pandemic as its citizens are not only fully vaccinated but also it is hosting a six-month-long mega international event “Expo 2020”. In this article, we will discuss the newly issued Covid-19 guidelines and subsequent relaxation with the help of our best lawyers of Dubai.

What does the new guideline offer?
With effect from 26th February 2022, all the passengers traveling to UAE must satisfy one of the following conditions-

1. The passenger must be vaccinated with a vaccine approved by WHO or UAE government. The certificate must have a QR code to assess its authenticity. Further, the certificate must be either in English or Arabic Language.
2. The interested passenger should carry a negative Covid-19 test report. The test must be conducted within 48 hours of entering the country.
3. If the candidate already suffered from the pandemic in the past, a medical certificate issued by a competent authority highlighting that the passenger has fully recovered within 1 month of arrival.

Our best lawyers of UAE have suggested that all these conditions are not mandatory. The essential requirement is that the passenger must possess either of the aforesaid documents.

At the time of arrival, the authorities can ask a passenger to undergo a PCR test. He shall be kept at an isolated place until he proves negative. If the report comes out positive, the passenger will be monitored strictly in accordance with the guidelines issued by the health department.

Exemption from Covid-19 PCR test
As per the new guideline, following persons will not require to undergo a Covid-19 test-
1. All UAE national coming to Dubai are not require to undergo a pre departure COVID‑19 PCR test;
2. Children below the age of twelve (12) years are exempted;
3. If the passenger has moderate to severe disability, he shall also be exempted from the test requirement. The disabilities include neurological or intellectual disorders, such as Ataxia, Epilepsy, Cerebral palsy, etc.
4. The transiting passengers are also not subject to the test requirement, unless required at their final destination.

As pointed out by our top lawyers of UAE, the government has set up designated laborites specifically for the testing purpose.

With these new guidelines, a vaccinated passenger can easily plan his journey in UAE. However, you may be subject to a Covid-19 test result after arrival. It is strongly advisable to take assistance from our best lawyers of UAE before planning your journey to make it smooth and hassle free.

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