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Inheritance court established in Dubai

Inheritance court established in Dubai

In a ground-breaking announcement, the Deputy Ruler of Dubai launched a special inheritance court in the Emirate. This court will handle all the inheritance matters within a specific time frame by a single judicial body. With the establishment of the Inheritance court, the litigation process will be streamlined to cater to all the modern requirements. 

In this news article, we will discuss about the inheritance court with the help of our best family lawyers of Dubai.

What is an inheritance court?

In the opinion of our top family lawyers of Dubai, the inheritance court will deal with all kinds of inheritance lawsuits, which include listing disputes, liquidation, or division of inheritance among heirs. Further, all the civil, commercial, and real estate disputes arising out of any inheritance matter will be dealt with by this court. It is pertinent to note that the decisions rendered by this court are final, and not subject to appeal.


As pointed out by our top lawyers of Dubai, the main objective of setting up a new court is to provide a single and specialized machinery to deal with all kinds of disputes relating to inheritance. This will not only remove the procedural intricacies but will also provide a time-bound solution for the parties. The speedy settlement of disputes by this new court will preserve social and family bonds. 


Composition of an inheritance court

Talking about composition, our best family lawyers of Dubai have highlighted that the inheritance court will be headed by a Court of Cessation Judge. The members of this court include a Court of Appeals judge and a Court of First Instance judge. Further, it can appoint other specialized judges, depending upon the nature of the case. It is specifically pointed out by our top family lawyers of Dubai that the litigation process must be completed within 12 months from the date of registration.



The establishment of a specialized inheritance court is a major step to boost the judicial system of Dubai courts. This move will further strengthen the long-term goal of the social and economic well-being of all the people residing in the Emirate. The procedural rules and regulations pertaining to this new court will be released very soon. It is strongly advisable to take the assistance of our best family lawyers of Dubai for all the inheritance matters.


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