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How to start a law firm in Dubai?

How to start a law firm in Dubai?

Dubai has emerged as a popular business destination, and there is a significant rise in the establishment of new companies. It is acting as a magnet for the foreign investors and they are looking desperately to exploit this opportunity. With the growing number of businesses, the requirement of specialised law firms to cater the legal needs of such business is also felt. These law firms of Dubai offer different kinds of assistance to the business, ranging from legal compliance to advising them while raising funds. In this article, we will explore, how to establish a top law firm of Dubai.Essential Conditions for starting a law firm
As evident from the name, a law firm can be opened only by a person or a group of persons, who have a qualified degree of law from a recognised university. All the lawyers associated with the law firms need to register with the legal department of the Dubai. The law firm must be licensed by the Legal Affairs Department and registered with the Dubai Department of Economic Development. The law firms need to comply with the Administrative Resolution No. (234) of 2015 Concerning the Registration of Legal Consultants in the Emirate of Dubai.

For foreign law firms, there are two options of marking their presence in Dubai, which are either in the form of a sole proprietorship or a branch office. However, before venturing in this journey, it is advised to consult with the best lawyers of Dubai to avoid future hassles. A foreign advocate can also register in the UAE, if he holds an experience of minimum 15 years at the bar.

Steps to follow in starting a law firm
Before the inception of a law firm, one needs to follow certain essential steps, which are enumerated below-

  1. Choose and register a name

For starting a law firm in Dubai, the first step is to choose a trade name to distinguish it from other competitive law firms. The name of the firm is registered with the Dubai Legal Affairs Department. For deciding the name, you can take help of company formation lawyers and company formation law firms, having specialised expertise in the area.

However, it is suggested by top lawyers of Dubai to keep in mind some restrictions while choosing the name of your law firm. The name shouldn’t be offensive; the words referring to Allah, religious groups, political groups, etc should be strictly avoided. Further, the name shouldn’t be identical or in resemblance with any existing company.

  1. Take Initial approval and submit documents

Before moving ahead, it is essential to take the approval of the government that it doesn’t have any problem with the setting up of a law firm.

When making an application, you should submit the following documents-

  • A copy of your professional licence.
  • A copy of your current practising certificate.
  • A letter of good standing issued by the relevant authority.
  • Passport copies for each lawyer or legal professional in your team.

How can we help?
We understand that you, being a legal professional, would be acquainted with basics of the company registration process. However, we would still recommend you to consult one of our best lawyers to understand the domestic dynamics better and save your precious time and cost. To consult with the best law firms of Dubai, contact below-

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