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How to protect yourself from illegal arrest in UAE?

How to protect yourself from illegal arrest in UAE?

PRECAUTION IS BETTER THAN CURE! An intelligent saying. The best way to protect yourself from an arrest is to not do anything that is prohibited by UAE laws, especially, never getting involved with drugs.

What is an arrest? It means to deprive a person of his freedom and to seize him in a particular place, even if for a short period in order to take some action against him.

Things to remember:

  1. When somebody is a suspect in a minor crime, the police may call that person to go to the nearest police station for questioning. The suspect can apply for police bail for minor crimes. In case of suspicion is in a major crime, police can make the arrest on the issuance of an arrest warrant.
  2. Under the ‘Bill of Rights for the Accused- Third Edition, published by Public Prosecution, it is mentioned that:
    A person cannot be arrested except in the circumstances mentioned under the law or when caught red-handed or when there are sufficient pieces of evidence against him.The arrested person should be informed of the reasons for arresting him and, details of accusations against him.

    The arrested person should be heard by the Judicial Arrest Officer within 48 hours of apprehending him.

  3. Visit the Dubai Police website or download the Dubai Police app to check if there is any police complaint or arrest warrant against you.
  4. Not everything you see needs to be captured and not everything you capture needs to be posted online, remember!
  5. If by any chance you get arrested illegally, do not say anything before your lawyer appears.
  6. Innocent or not, do not confess.
  7. Police cannot make you sign a statement that is written in a language you don’t understand. Do not think that police will help you get out of that situation.

Our top lawyers of Dubai suggest immediately contacting an experienced criminal lawyer in case you find yourself being arrested legally or illegally. The UAE Penal Code presumes that an accused is innocent until proven guilty, keep this always in your mind!

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