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How to find a good lawyer in UAE?

How to find a good lawyer in UAE

How to find a good lawyer in UAE?

UAE has a robust and well-structured justice delivery system, which is mainly influenced by the principles of Sharia law. The Federal laws are applicable throughout the country whereas the Emirates have also enacted their local laws relating to some special subjects. It is an unspoken truth that all the legislation is drafted in a complex manner, making it very difficult for a layman to understand its meaning and practical implications. So, in the absence of knowledge, people find themselves in a position wherein either they have committed an illegal act or become a victim of such an act. In both situations, it becomes incumbent to take the assistance of well-qualified and the best lawyers in UAE.

In this article, we will discuss how to find the best lawyers of the UAE while taking into consideration certain key factors.

What are the methods of finding the best lawyer in the UAE?

Following are some popular and most effective methods for finding the perfect lawyer in UAE who can safeguard your interest in the tough times.

Word of mouth or referral

This is one of the widely sought methods for finding the best lawyers in the UAE. The interested person should consult with his family, friends, and neighbors about their past or current interaction with any lawyer. Just like our top lawyers of Dubai are specialized in all the core areas of law, it is important that you should look for those lawyers who are specialized in the area of law pertaining to your case. Through a referral, if someone recommends you a fantastic lawyer, it doesn’t mean that you should select him with blind folder eyes. You need to track down his historical experience and credibility.

  1. Research your lawyer

After collecting the names of some suitable lawyers through referrals or through a google search, it is time to conduct thorough research about their relevant experience and credentials. You can start by looking at their websites, searching reviews given by other clients, etc. Nowadays, almost all the lawyers are available on LinkedIn, you can select the best lawyers of UAE by thoroughly scrutinizing their profiles.

Further, our top lawyers of Dubai have suggested that there is no harm in asking certain key questions about your potential lawyer, such as their area of expertise, experience, education, etc. By taking a step ahead, you can even ask the lawyer about his past track record in terms of winning the cases. The lawyer may give you the details of his clients to ascertain the true review and working experience. In the opinion of our lawyers from the best law firm of UAE, the more information you get, the higher your chances to retain the right legal counsel will be.

  1. Find a Specialist

As discussed above, each lawyer has a specific area of practice. However, there are certain full-service law firms having diverse and experienced lawyers under a single roof. In the opinion of our best lawyers of UAE, while conducting your research, you should lay special emphasis on the practice areas of the client and its track record in the same. You can’t afford to assign a criminal case to a lawyer who specialized in intellectual property laws.

  1. Effective communication

The search for the right lawyer also depends upon effective and solid communication. Before the appointment, if you are able to put forth all your queries and questions eloquently, you will receive all the requisite information to make an informed decision. All the communications pertaining to fees, approximate time involved, and other complex matters should be done beforehand. Further, building an interpersonal relationship with your lawyer will yield positive results later on.

How can we assist you?

The search for the right legal counsel may appear a tedious process. However, your search ends here.

BSB legal is a full-service law firm of the UAE. Our best lawyers will assist you in litigation, advisory, and obtaining regulatory approvals in all fields of law. To get more information, kindly contact one of our best lawyers in UAE. You can email us at or call +971 5 016 05046. Considering your precious time, our lawyers will ensure a prompt and effective response to all the calls and emails without fail.

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