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Hefty fines for overstaying in UAE

Hefty fines for overstaying in UAE

The residence visa in UAE is provided for a limited period of time (normally 2-3 years) to the citizens and visitors. After the completion of the said period, the visa expires, and the person has to leave the country within a grace period. However, the interested person may get the visa renewed with the help of top lawyers of UAE.

In case of non-renewal and the expiry of grace period, the person’s stay in the country shall not only be considered illegal but also carries an “overstay fine”. In this article, we will discuss the concept of “overstay fines” with the help of our best lawyers of Dubai.

Overstay fines in UAE
In the words of our best lawyers of UAE, the term ‘overstay’ refers to the period of stay after the completion of grace period. It is important to note that the fine is only charged after the passage of the grace period and not during the period. The UAE law provides for overstay fines for the citizens as well as for visitors.

Overstay fines for residents
The citizens are given a grace period of 30 days to leave the country. Post the expiry of the said period, an overstay fine is levied from the very next day in the following manner-

  • AED 125 for the 1st day;
  • AED 25 for each subsequent day after the first one;
  • AED 50 for each subsequent day after a overstay of 6 months;
  • AED 100 shall be charged for each subsequent day after the completion of 1 year.

Fines for UAE visitors
As pointed out by our top lawyers of UAE, there are glaring differences between the fines charged for the residents and the visitors. The amount of fine for the visitors is quite higher than the citizens, and a grace period of only 10 days is prescribed for the visitors to leave the country.

The fine on visitors are levied in the following manner-

  • AED 200 for the 1st day post the expiry of grace period;
  • AED100 for each consecutive day;
  • AED 100 is charged as service fees.

As suggested by our top lawyers of Dubai, the visitors can change the status of their visa to residence one. Earlier, the visitor had to compulsorily leave the country after the expiry of visa whereas now they can change their status during their stay in accordance with UAE Ministerial Resolution No. 377 of 2014.

How to pay the overstay fines?
There are two most preferable mechanisms to pay the fines. First, you can pay the amount to the immigration office at any entry point (airport, ports, etc.) Alternatively, you can visit the Amer service center and complete your legitimate dues.

Since a lot of expats visit the country throughout the year, the imposition of overstay fines always remains a very hot topic. It is highly recommended to get your visa renewed beforehand with the help of our best lawyers of Dubai to avoid such hefty fines.

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