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Can you adopt more than one child in UAE?

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Can you adopt more than one child in UAE?

If you have the heart for adoption, don’t let fear stand in the way. – Doug Chapman

Undoubtedly, for every person, the family is the real wisher, motivator, and the biggest source of support in any adverse circumstance. Adoption can become a blessing in disguise for childless couples wanting to extend their family.While living in UAE, couples can brighten their life through adoption!

At this juncture, an important question arises – can you adopt more than one child in UAE? In this article, we will answer this pertinent question with the help of our best family lawyers of Dubai.

Law of the home country will come into force
It is pointed out by our best lawyers of UAE that If the home or chosen country of the interested person permits the adoption of more than one child then you are good to expand your family furthermore. For instance, under the Hindu Adoptions and Maintenance Act, 1956 of India, if a couple already has a child, natural or adopted,it cannot adopt another child of the same gender. Other countries may also have similar laws, contact the best family lawyer in UAE for more understanding of adoption laws in a particular country.

Process of adopting a second child
The procedure for adopting a second child is similar to the one which is followed when adopting the first child. It includes a home study program with the HRIC, submission of paperwork, getting in touch with an adoption facilitator in the chosen country, flying to the country of the child and completing all the paperwork required there. UAE court will give permission for the visa of the child, then only the child can be brought to UAE.If you want the adoption to happen in a smooth manner, it is suggested to hire an experienced family lawyer of UAE.

What you cannot do!
It must be noted that an Emirati child cannot be adopted as adoption is prohibited under Sharia law, butMuslims can foster an abandoned child. They can provide the child with financial support and become child’s guardian.

Although adopting a child can become complex sometimes, BSB Legal Consultants is here to make the process simple. We have the best multi-jurisdictional family lawyers in Dubai. Contact us at or call us at +97150 8014003.

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