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Breaking: UAE announced visa-free travel to UK

Breaking: UAE announced visa-free travel to UK

In a landmark move, the UAE government has announced visa-free travel to the United Kingdom (UK). With this new scheme, UAE citizens will be permitted to visit the UK through its Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) system. This scheme shall come into force from the beginning of 2023 and subsequently, all the visa-related restrictions will be uplifted. 

In this news article, we are going to discuss the highlights and benefits of this new scheme with the help of our best immigration lawyers of UAE.

What does this new scheme offer?

It is highlighted by our best lawyers of Dubai that currently all UAE nationals, who are interested in visiting the UK, need to complete an Electronic Visa Waiver (EVW) application. This application enables interested persons to enter the country without having a physical visa. However, after the introduction of this new scheme in 2023, UAE citizens will get visa-free travel through the ETA system. 

It is pointed out by our top lawyers of UAE that the ETA system offers a single-entry level authorization for a maximum stay of 6 months in the UK. This new scheme came in the backdrop of an earlier announcement made by Britain’s Home Office declaring that Gulf nations will be able to travel UK through its new Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) visa scheme.

Impact of this new scheme

Our best lawyers of UAE have opined that UK and UAE share a healthy partnership bond at the global level for a long period which got further strengthened after both these countries inked the sovereign investment partnership agreement last year. This free-travel visa scheme will further solidify the existing economic and diplomatic ties between the two countries. 

Since the present scheme applies to all the gulf countries, nationals from UAE, Saudi-Arabia, Oman, Kuwait, Qatar, and Bahrain will stand to benefit from the same. The ETA scheme is a key step in the mission of the UK government to have a fully digital border by 2025 and make the UK a strong tourist destination for the Emiratis. 


From 2023, UAE nationals will be eligible to have visa-free travel to the UK through the ETA scheme launched by the UK government. It is an important step to improve the bilateral trade and ties between both these countries. To avail of the benefit of this new scheme, it is important to have your visa ready before 2023. For all visa-related queries, you can contact our best law firm of UAE.

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