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An overview of immigration lawyers in Dubai


An overview of immigration lawyers in Dubai

Dubai is a land of opportunities, attracting people from all over the world owing to its business friendly regulations, availability of cheap resources, and bountiful employment opportunities. Over the years, it has been emerged as one of the most popular immigration destination.

Considering its popularity, our best immigration lawyers of Dubai came across this common question on daily basis – How to immigrate to Dubai, and what are the legal requirements for the same?

In this article, we will explore everything about the immigration process with the help of our best immigration lawyers of Dubai.

Immigration to Dubai: Key points to remember
Our best immigration lawyers of Dubai have suggested that before planning your immigration, you should embrace or prepare yourself to acquaint with a different culture, climate, language, etc. In simple words, you should make a thorough research about the local life style and the possible discomfort you may face thereon.

Our immigration lawyers from the best law firm of Dubai have made a checklist of important information that you must keep in mind while immigrating to Dubai, which are as follows-

  1. Before immigrating to Dubai, you need to ensure a secured employment in the Emirate. In the absence of a job, you cannot obtain work permit, and subsequently, you will not be eligible to receive a residency permit.
  2. If you don’t have a residency permit or an Emirate identity Card (ID Card), you cannot open a bank account or rent a property in the country.
  3. You will have to go through a thorough medical check, which is conducted in a government hospital. If you are found infected with any serious communicable disease, you will be deported straightaway.

Types of visas available for immigration
In the opinion of our best immigration lawyers of Dubai, you have several visas options to apply for this purpose. In the last couple of years, the government has eased the visa application process, and you can get this at an expeditious manner. Following are some main kinds of visas which are used for the immigration purpose-

  1. Student and family reunification visas
  2. The employment visa offers a right to work and live in Dubai. However, an applicant must secure a job first before applying for this.
  3. If you want to set up your own business in Dubai, the investor visa would be a perfect choice for you.
  4. Apart from the aforesaid, you can obtain residency permit by investing in the real estate sector of Dubai.

Our best immigration lawyers of Dubai will assist you in obtaining necessary approval and visa application.

A new visa called ‘family reunification or dependent visa’ is getting popular nowadays in the Emirate. In the opinion of our best immigration lawyer, this type of visa is only available to the foreign citizen married to UAE nationals. Further, the children whose parents live in Dubai can also apply for this kind of visa. However, for making an application, you must need a sponsor, who must have regular monthly earning of AED 4000 per month. Further, you need to submit the passport of sponsor as well as of the dependent.

What does our immigration lawyers offer?
Our top immigration lawyers of Dubai offer a host of service for a potential immigrates. As per the legal requirements, every person who is arriving in the country need to follow certain procedural requirements. Our lawyers from the best law firm of Dubai will help you in relaxing this procedure while helping you at every small step. The main kind of services offer by our best immigration lawyers are as follows-

  1. Timely assistance in obtaining most appropriate visa by fulfilling the statutory requirements.
  2. Assisting in drafting and filing of essential documents with UAE embassy.
  3. Providing advise on finding a suitable place in the country to reside.

Our immigration lawyers of Dubai look after your interest even after your arrival in Dubai. They will assist you in obtaining residency permits or renew it accordingly. Our immigration lawyers have rich experience in obtaining permanent residency, which is considered a boon in the country.

Assistance in business formation
A substantial chunk of population immigrates to Dubai with an objective to set up their own business in the Emirate. We have a team of best company formation lawyers who will assist you in incorporating a company in the mainland or free zone. Our best lawyers of Dubai will draft all the essential documents, such as Memorandum of Association, Article of Association, etc. Further, our lawyers are experienced in obtaining preliminary and final approval from the ministry concerned.

Since UAE is emerging as a business hub, it is safe to predict that there will be a sharp rise in the immigration in the days coming ahead. For the purpose of immigration, you are strongly advisable to take the assistance of best immigration lawyers of Dubai to reduce future hassles.

BSB legal is a specialized immigration law firm of Dubai. Our best lawyers will assist you in visa applications, obtaining regulatory approvals, and other advisory work. To know more information, kindly contact one of our immigration lawyers in UAE. You can email us at or call +971508014003.

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