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25 Million Dirham Smuggling Racket exposed in UAE!

25 Million Dirham Smuggling Racket exposed in UAE!

The Federal customs and local customs authorities has recently exposed a big smuggling racket in UAE. The authorities have arrested a few suspicious people carrying prohibited goods worth AED 25 million. In the past couple of years UAE has witnessed the menace of smuggling at an alarming rate. Since this gulf country is rich in globally demanded natural resources, a large-scale smuggling activity occurs every year. Two days ago,The offender even tried to bribe the customs official by offering an amount of AED 280,000. Later on, the customs officials revealed that the accused belonged to the Arab and Asian subcontinent. They carried some legally restricted goods, including dairy products and their derivatives. The officials caught them red-handed with 14 containers at the Fujairah port.In the light of this incident, it is pertinent to discuss the laws surrounding illegal export/import in the UAE with the punishments with the help of our best lawyers of UAE.

Custom Law in UAE
The principal legislation governing cross-border transactions in UAE is the Federal Decree No. (85) of 2007, and all the Emirates follow the same. As per this law, even a single commodity involving cross-border effect (export or import) will be subject to this law.

In the opinion of our top lawyers of Dubai, the ministry of economy has set up a “national committee of commodities” to monitor the export, import, and re-export from the country.

This committee issues timely regulations and provides technical consultation. The functioning of the committee is to keep a vigil on cross-border transactions. For imported commodities, a customs duty is levied, whereas the payment is exempted for some products.

The committee appoints an agent for all the designated ports that maintains a register for all the transactions. In case of any suspicious transactions or disputes, the customs department can seize the goods, and deposit them in the warehouse.

Article 13 of the law prohibits the import of strategic commodities which may cause some danger against public safety, public health, environment, and natural resources. Our best lawyers of UAE have suggested that the customs authorities adopt a zero-tolerance policy against the goods that may threaten or jeopardize the national interest.

In this Federal law, the authorities keep a list of all the export and import restricted products, such as drugs, polluted substances, drawings, etc. Our best lawyers of Dubai have warned that if a person contravenes the law, he shall be subject to a minimum imprisonment period of 10 years and a minimum fine of AED 200,00.

The export and import of certain prohibited products, as prescribed by the customs authorities, is a penal offense inviting strict punishment. In the opinion of our top lawyers of Dubai, the recent exposure of this widespread smuggling racket may act as a deterrence against such unlawful activities.

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