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Criminal Litigation Matter Lawyer in Dubai

Today’s legal system consist of such litigation matters that are complex as well as the ones which involve high stakes, in such an environment, the role of legal firm is specifically to oversee, review and provide with information in a precise and accurate manner in order to solve the issues that come at their disposal.

A significant aspect of BSB Legal Consultant’s practice is inclusive of litigation. Our team of best lawyers of Dubai have quite an experience in representing various industries, such as healthcare, banking, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, education, defence, energy and professional supports. We have not only handled the cases of contractual disputes, but in addition to this, the firm has also gained expertise in handling the false claims, environmental, RICO, whistle-blowers, intellectual property, construction and employment litigation. We have successfully represented the corporate players in class action suits, illegal backdating of stock options, accounting fraud and various other breaches. Owing to the expertise in criminal law, the litigation lawyers continuously handled co-existing civil and criminal litigation arising out of same business.

Our team of litigants can disseminate advices of legal and strategic nature in matters related to all kind of business as well as commercial litigation. We operate all over UAE in disputes with subject matters like breach of contract, breach of trust, criminal claims and civil claims, real estate and construction disputes, IPR infringement, debt recovery, brand enforcement, trade practice, shareholder dispute, medical negligence, franchise litigation, agency law, etc.

Our practice involves the use of such a management system that ensures that the data provided by the client, specifically the one that is characterised as sensitive, is used with utmost security. The approach we follow during litigation matters is to provide with such a support and advice to our clients that is not only practical but makes sure that the desired outcome is achieved.

We represent the clients of various kind, where our team of senior advocates posses expertise and ability of handling matters in UAE and achieve success in matters that are of complex nature. Owing to this experience in litigation, we are enabled to provide high quality advice which is not only comprehensive but also practical.

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