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Wills to be registered remotely in Dubai

Wills to be registered remotely in Dubai

Dubai Financial Institution Centre (DIFC) has launched a 3-year dedicated plan to improve the structure and efficiency of dispute resolution in the country. The plan involves setting up a ‘Will Deposit Centre” where the wills can be registered remotely, and the data will be stored in an electronical format. This plan is premised on complete digital transformation by using advance technologies to accelerate the justice delivery system. In this structured plan, an international digital economy is proposed to be set- up to resolve the dispute expeditiously with the usage of modern technical equipment.

In this article, we will thoroughly discuss the highlights of the proposed plan with the help of our best lawyers of Dubai.

  1. Setting up a Will Deposit Centre

The first major highlight of this new plan is the establishment of a will deposit centre, which will act as a repository of all the wills in the Emirate. The registration of will can be done remotely and the data relating to the same can be accessed anywhere. In addition to that, there will be a ‘Digital Will Management System’ to protect such information carefully.

The Deputy Ruler of Dubai said that a hyper-connected judicial network will be developed to improved accessibility to the court services. The courts will have all the necessary facilities to even deal with the most complex international disputes. This step will boost the image of Dubai as a global business leader in the business community.

  1. Introducing technology in dispute resolution

In the opinion of our best lawyers of Dubai, the new strategic plan will shape the dynamics of dispute resolution in the entire world. The introduction of large-scale technology in this arena will act as an ideal model for the entire world. To achieve the long-term goal, the technological infrastructure of the DIFC will be strengthened.

The strategic plan involves 28 projects, which are carefully drafted to reinforce the image of Dubai as a global business hub by adopting end to end digital technology, service excellence, and innovation. The DIFC courts will simplify the settlement process of complex civil and commercial disputes with the help of its international digital economy.

In short
With the introduction of this strategic plan, DIFC courts will set up new benchmark in the arena of dispute resolution by using technology, expertise, and global connectivity. The ‘Digital Will Management System’ will ease all the procedural complexities surrounding the registration and maintenance of will. To know further, you can contact with one of our best lawyers of Dubai.

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