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UAE relaxed medical examination requirement to attract foreign nationals

UAE relaxed medical examination requirement to attract foreign nationals

To attract and boost foreign investment in the country, the government of UAE in a notable step relaxed some medical examination requirements for foreign nationals seeking residency in this gulf nation. The relaxations are mainly related to some critical health conditions, such as the application of HIV Positive patients will not be rejected outrightly. In this news article, we are going to discuss the major changes announced by this new step with the help of our best lawyers of UAE. 

Highlights of the new step

It is pointed out by our best lawyers of Dubai that the government is taking numerous steps to augment foreign exchange in the country. Some emphasis is given to relaxing the hectic and tedious process of visa and residency applications. To ease this discomfort, the government with a positive mindset has issued this notable step having vast implications across the globe. 

It is important to note that having a negative Hepatitis B or C test is no longer a prerequisite for entering the country. Our best lawyers of UAE have pointed out that there are certain programs and professions wherein this test is not required for obtaining residency. As a note of caution, the candidate should disclose his past medical history while making the application to avoid future troubles and disputes. 

In UAE, Public Health Service Department is entrusted with the responsibility of conducting the health examination and subsequent issuance of the certificate. The main objective of this test is to ensure that workers and employers don’t enter the country with a contagious or communicable disease. Further, public health centersare located in almost all of the Emirates for this purpose. 


From the aforesaid discussion, it is evident that this recent relaxation in the medical examination will enhance the interest of those applicants who are suffering from some mild disease. Further, the global talent attracted through this scheme will play a key role in the economic development of the country. To make a residency application, it is strongly advisable to contact one of our best lawyers of Dubai to have a smooth and hassle-free experience.

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