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UAE: Over 400 kg of illegal drugs seized by Dubai police

UAE: Over 400 kg of illegal drugs seized by Dubai police

Yet again Dubai Policeproved its mettle by being vigilant, brave and taking strict action against offences involving drugs. The General Department of Anti-narcotics at Dubai Police received a report about a criminal attempt to smuggle drugs into UAE. The offence was set to be executed by an international drug trafficking gang. The drugs were put in 280 packaging bean bags for avoiding suspicion. Seven hours after a tip-off, the Dubai police not only found and seized ready-to-be-smuggled drugs but also caught6 suspects red-handed. It is believed that the total weight of the drugs is 5.6 tons but no official statement has confirmed the type of drug found.

An official of Dubai Police stated, “We will seize every opportunity to preserve the local, regional and international security and safety in coordination and cooperation with international counterparts. We will protect the communities from drug trafficking and disrupt all of the criminals’ attempts.”“We believe that the security-exchange of information and expertise in the drug-trafficking cases with other police agencies have contributed significantly in increasing the seizures of drugs in recent years,”He further added.

The smugglers are believed to be members of an international syndicate, and some reside in the Emirate only.The authorities deployed a K9 unit for warehouse inspection and for high-skilled security to discover the illegal substance in the warehouse. The Dubai police raided the warehouse at the appointed hours and found the drugs put in the cargo of plastic legumes on 26th October 2022. These drugs were ready to be shipped to another country. If the police had not acted swiftly, the contraband might have become difficult to tap. This successful ‘Legumes operation’ by Dubai Police is indeed exceptional!

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