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UAE announced big changes in visa rules

UAE announced big changes in visa rules

On 20th October 2022, the government of UAE announced some significant changes in the visa rules of the country. The changes include reducing the stay period for residence visas and providing special treatment to golden visa holders. This step is taken with the objective to attract and retain the best talent around the globe. 

In this news article, we are going to discuss the major changes announced by the country with the help of our best lawyers of UAE.

Key points

In the opinion of our best lawyers of Dubai, the aforesaid changes in the visa rules are made to streamline the entire process in accordance with the best international practice. Speaking about the major highlights, our top lawyers of UAE have pointed out that in the case of a residence visa for employment in free zones, the maximum period of stay has been reduced from 2 years to 1 year. Further, as a boon for all the golden visa holders, it is announced that they can leave the country for a maximum period of 180 days without impacting their immigration status.

With the golden visa, the government is planning to attract more skilled and efficient professionals in the field of science and technology. The brightest mind from all over the world will reside in the country, and subsequently, will play a major role in economic development. To promote investment, wealthy investors and entrepreneurs are eligible to secure a golden visa. Considering the benefits, the expats would be highly interested to make UAE their home country.


From a perusal of changes in visa rules, it is evident that the government of UAE is strongly dedicated to attracting the best talents and making them the catalyst of this growth process. The golden visa holders are awarded much-needed liberty without impacting their status of immigration. To know further, you can contact one of our best lawyers of UAE.

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