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Other areas of expertise

Civil Law

Civil law refers to the set of rules that prevent citizen’s private rights, provide legal remedies that might arise in a dispute.

Criminal Law

Criminal law is that branch of law that deals with crime in a nation.It is based upon the social conducts...

Real Estate Law

In today’s world, the real estate sector has a tremendous impact on various other industries such as infrastructure industry.

Banking and Finance

The banking lawyers at BSB Legal Consultant have served a considerable time in the banking industry as an advisor for not only local but international banks too.

Construction Law

Construction industry is mistakenly characterised by just commitment, time and resources that are deployed in a project. A trend can be seen of a boost up tourism in UAE

Intellectual Property Rights

The success of business can be measured through assets such as logos, trade names, ideas, content, trade secret, brand identification, music art.

Merger and Acquisition

Now a days, the economic environment is increasingly being referred to as the investing environment as more and more people are moving..

Restructuring and Bankruptcy

BSB Legal Consultants primarily aims attention at both commercial as well as personal bankruptcy matters. Understanding the grievousness of the situation of several cases

ADR and Debt Recovery

We, at BSB Legal Consultants endeavour every area of dispute resolution. Our team of best civil lawyers is involved in disseminating various suggestions and advises

Arbitration Law

In today’s world people prefer arbitration in order to stay out of the court as it provides advantages such as, cost reduction, ..


Today’s legal system consist of such litigation matters that are complex as well as the ones which involve high stakes, in such an environment..

Family Law

We at BSB Legal Consultant, comprise a compliant and efficacious teams of lawyers who specialize in family law of different states.


We are the top law firm in Dubai that endeavours to provide the best services available in the tax domain we believe in 100% client satisfaction..


We being the best law firm in UAE has the most reliable team of experts when it comes to antitrust and competition services. We will..

Business set up

We have an army of top lawyers at our firm who will help you to set up your business hassle-free. We not only help entrepreneurs..

Expert reports & Legal opinions

We are the best multi-disciplinary law firm in Dubai which caters to the needs of both individuals and corporates in almost all legal matters..

Contractual Law

Being the best law firm in UAE we recognize that a good contract can save our clients from a plethora of misunderstandings and unwanted legal consequences..

Patents and trademark

our firm has the most talented attorneys in Dubai who will provide clients a quick and accurate response to queries & do the desideratum We at the BSB Legal Consultants..

IP Litigation

Intellectual property is an outcome of your creativity, innovation and hard work which led it to become an important asset of your company/entity. IP infringement is increasing rapidly..

Public notary

Our firm is a top-level notary service provider in UAE. We will present you with all notary services under one roof. Our firm feels splendid to be the top law firm providing notary services ..


Life is uncertain and the future is impossible to predict, with increasing risk security should also be increased. Our top law experts in Dubai will provide you with specific legal guidance..

Mediation and conciliation

We know that our clients find mediation and conciliation attractive but guess what we do too for obvious reasons. This way of settling disputes is cost-effective, less time-consuming and also less..

Maritime law

Maritime Law in the UAE is a complicated field of law. It governs different vessels, sailors, movement of ships employed in the water, navigation, recreational boating, commerce on waters, towing...

Anti-money laundering and Compliance

We will serve you as the best legal consultant for assessing your Anti-money laundering (AMP) issues and contribute to making UAE an investor-friendly..

Financial crime and investigation

Technology has paved way for a plethora of financial crimes in recent times and UAE, being a hub for financial activities, the risk of financial crimes multiply..

Private equity

Our firm’s top-class attorneys are always well-equipped and have a strong bond with top-notch banks and financial services. we know that our clients keep on looking for better opportunities for...

General services

We are one of the best law firms in Dubai has the ability and skill to cater to all your business, immigration, corporate, real estate, trademark and intellectual property, criminal law, family matters..

Oil & Gas law

Our skilled lawyers at BSB Legal Consultants have extensive knowledge and experience in the oil and gas sector. The UAE is complemented with rich oil and gas reserves..

Divorce and custody

Our reputed body of experts provides legal services in matters of divorce and custody of children after divorce while at the same time maintaining the sensitivity of these domestic matters..


Alimony is due to a wife by virtue of a valid contract even if she separates herself from her husband eventually, irrespective of her own wealth and it is not forfeited unless paid or discharged..

Corporate restructuring

Our legal professionals will simplify the complex process of restructuring your business. Our top lawyers would keenly address your commercial objectives. our legal experts have in-depth knowledge of related laws and regulations and awareness of local practices..

Cyber security and data protection

Due to the rapid increase in organized cybercrime, cyber threats and hacking systems there is a need to build a trusted digital environment throughout the UAE. our cyber law experts will provide the best mechanism to control your personal..


The UAE is one of the most progressive crypto countries in the world. There are some government-owned licensing firms that accepts crypto payments for various trade licensing trades or visas The UAE has also introduced the Emirates Blockchain Strategy in April, 2021..


We the top law firm in Dubai specializes in providing a complete range of clients’ legal needs regarding immigration status. Our qualified legal experts will deliver a high standard of advice in every case our team of immigration lawyers will assist in compliance with various rules..


UAE has one of the highest per capita GDPs in the world plus the nation is abundant in natural resources. Free trade zones have multiplied franchising opportunities and there are currently over 100 different types of franchises operating in the UAE..


The Agency law and Commercial Code in the UAE are extremely wide and captures all forms of agreements for sale through third parties. Conducting business through local and licensed agents is a popular and attractive option because these arrangements bear..

Bankruptcy and insolvency

In a competitive market and challenging economic times, the survival of some businesses has become difficult. An effective insolvency regime is important for the smooth running of the business. Instead of adjudication of bankruptcy, the debtor and creditors can enter..

Administrative law

Our best administrative services can help companies in the free zone, mainland and offshore resolve their challenges in handling their duties and obligations. Our experts will help the client to run their company consistently and successfully, and to stay on top of corporate..

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