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Privatisation of implementation and settlement sector soon in AUH

Privatisation of implementation and settlement sector soon in AUH

In a recent interview, the Director-General of Dubai Courts (Mr Tarish Al Mansouri) discussed various key issues ranging from privatization to setting up new judicial chambers. This interview holds special significance at a time when the Expo 2020 is going at full pace, and the world is looking at the UAE with curious eyes.

Privatisation of Implementation” and settlement sectors

As per the interview, The privatisation of 2 main sectors of economy “implementation” and “settlement” sectors is on the verge of completion. The privatisation will enable the authorised and specialised bodies to provide services to these 2 sectors under the supervision of the court. The modalities of the privatisation will involve the following step.

  1. Debt Collection Agencies – The private debt collection agency will be entrusted with the task of searching and inquiring about the addresses and money of the port. The collection of the debt will be undertaken under the supervision of the court. This is based on the exclusive model of integrating the implementation process between the courts and the private sector.
  2. The dispute resolution will also be privatised and the license will be issued to the individuals and the institutions which are interested and specialised in the task of conducting amicable settlement between the parties. This will be done under the supervision of the Governmental Amicable Dispute Resolution Center in Dubai.

New Judicial Chambers

The government is conducting periodic reviews of the number of judicial courts in the country. On the basis of such assessment, it has been decided to add courts in few areas and to reduce in others. The government is also planning to introduce circuits of fast litigation to settle all the minor cases expeditiously.

Cooperation Agreement

There is a recent cooperation agreement entered between the “Dubai Foundation for Women and Children” and “Dubai court” to support the victims of domestic violence and human trafficking. This agreement provides for the creation of a common database to monitor such cases and provide social care for the deprived ones. Conducting training courses, launching awareness and educational campaigns, etc. are an integral part of the agreement.

This agreement will further link the courts with the Emirates Identity Authority with an objective to accelerate the claim registration and documentation services. This will empower Dubai courts to retrieve the data at any point of time relating to their physical identity, residential status, etc.

Remote Litigation Room

A separate remote litigation room will be set up especially dealing with the domestic violence and human trafficking cases. All the aggrieved party, irrespective of their physical standing, can approach this court for legal assistance.

State Leadership in the Judiciary

The director general also stated that the government is committed with all possible efforts to make it a leader in terms of judicial functioning. The adoption of digital transformations and smart services, which enhances measures of speed of access and access to litigation, will play a vital role in ensuring the happiness of customers and improving their quality of life.

Foreseeing the future

The director general clearly pointed out that we need to chalk out our present strategy only after assessing the future trends. For instance – It can safely be predicted that Artificial Intelligence would rule our lives after 10 years, so we should also introduce AI technology in the development of our judicial system.

Contract Enforcement Standard

The Dubai court has taken various initiatives to protect the investor’s interest and improve the position of the state in enforcing the contract. The chief among them is the publication of commercial judicial rulings on the website to spread legal awareness in society. Further,  it is essential to give due focus on the enforcement of the contract as it holds special importance while calculating the ease of doing business index.

The World Bank report is one of the widely used credible sources for investors to assess commercial activities in a country. The UAE has made very good progress in the last couple of years as it jumped from 121 to 9th position in a span of just 5 years.


From the statement of the Director General, it can be inferred that the Dubai government is on  right path of development in the judicial system. The privatisation of the sectors will improve efficiency, which in turn will result in better outcomes. The technology adoption is the need of the hour, given the pandemic and Dubai courts are embracing the same with enthusiasm.

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