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Premeditated murder and its punishment in UAE

Premeditated murder and its punishment in UAE

In UAE, all the crimes are their subsequent penalties are governed by the provisions of Federal Decree Law No (31) of 2021 (UAE Penal Code), which abrogated and repealed the earlier Penal Code. Under this new penal law, one of the serious offenses is ‘premeditated murder, which imposes a grave punishment on the accused. However, it is observed that people are unaware of this offense and consider it synonymous with normal murder.

To boost the knowledge of our readers, our best criminal lawyers of Dubai are going to discuss this concept of premeditated murder in detail.

What is premeditated murder?

As highlighted by our top criminal lawyers of UAE, the term premeditation means deliberating and making necessary arrangements before committing a crime against a person. In simple words, when a murder is planned beforehand and necessary means (such as weapons) are arranged with a clear intention to kill a person, the offense of premeditated murder is committed.

The concept of premeditated murder is governed by the provision of Article 384 of the UAE Penal Code, which prescribes a punishment of life imprisonment to a person who kills another person deliberately. Article 384(2) of the UAE Penal Code clarifies that if the murder is committed with all the deliberation and planning beforehand, a sentence of death penalty will be imposed.

The term premeditation and deliberation are defined under Article 385, which can be understood as determining the act beforehand or waiting for the target person for hours at a place with the sole intention to kill. Our best criminal lawyers of Dubai have highlighted that if some toxic or explosive material is used for the purpose of killing a person, the death penalty would be imposed as it would fall in the category of aggravating circumstances.


This offense of premeditated murder is punished severely on the presumption that this offense involves a clear intention or guilty mind to kill a person which is evident from its preparation. To invoke this offense, it is essential that premeditation and deliberation must be there on the part of the accused. To know further about this offense, you can contact one of our best criminal lawyers of UAE. 

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