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One stop shop for litigation in Abu Dhabi!

One stop shop for litigation in Abu Dhabi!

After the COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent lockdown, the entire global world has shifted to a virtual platform, and our judicial system is no exception to it. The virtual courts are being set up to ensure that the justice delivery system doesn’t come to a standstill.

In line with the similar efforts, the Abu Dhabi Judicial Department launched a new initiative “One Stop Shop for Litigation” Under this initiative, which is first of its kind in the world, the Judges of Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and Al Dhafra courts can now hear disputes and render judgements through video conferencing. This initiative is facilitated after taking into account the court’s jurisdiction and the enforcement of a judgment in the same geographical location where the case was registered.

The major highlights of this initiative are as follows-

  • Electronic Litigation

While launching this initiative, the Undersecretary of Abu Dhabi Judicial Department stated that it will help the court of Dubai Emirate in achieving global leadership in the arena of “electronic litigation”. This will not only help to fulfill the contemporary judicial and legal needs of the Emirate, but will also help to adopt the rapidly changing environment of today’s world. With this scheme, a well developed and integrated judicial system will be set up which will offer fast, flexible and economical judicial services.

With this initiative, the proceedings will take place virtually, which will reduce the litigation time and increase the rate of disposition. In addition to this, the cost of litigation will also reduce significantly.

  • Transfer of knowledge

As evident from its name, this initiative will create a single platform in which all the judicial officers including judges and lawyers of different courts will interact with each other and transfer knowledge. In the absence of physical boundaries, the efficiency of judges will also increase as they will get a platform to hear and resolve more cases while deliberating with the judges of other courts. This will also boost the confidence of the general public in the justice delivery mechanism of the Emirates.

Further, all types of cases ranging from civil, criminal to corporate matters will be adjudicated under a single umbrella. It is important to note that the procedure of adjudication would remain the same. Another important characteristic of this initiative is that it is started with a financial cost of zero dirhams. The use of technology will aim to boost the culture of electronic litigation.


It is a progressive step which will increase the outreach of the justice delivery system. The usage of technology will not only facilitate the transfer of knowledge, but the disputes will be resolved in an expeditious manner. Given a plethora of benefits of this initiative, it is expected that it will be followed in other emirates as well in the near future.

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