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Must know about consumer protection rights in Dubai

Must know about consumer protection rights in Dubai

A consumer is the king of the market and the supplier must provide him with the best qualities of goods and services. It is the central object of the government to boost the satisfaction level of its consumers as it is the supreme mover of the economic structure. However, in recent times, it is a harsh truth that consumers are egregiously exploited through numerous malpractices running in the market, such as poor quality, adulteration, hoarding, and many more.

To protect the interest of consumers against such exploitation, some special rights are conferred to them in UAE. In this article, we are going to discuss consumer rights in Dubai with the help of our best lawyers. 

Who is a consumer?

Before moving ahead, it is imperative to understand who will fall within the meaning of the term ‘consumer’ to enjoy those special rights. Our top Dubai lawyers have pointed out that in the legal sense, a consumer is a person who buys goods or avail services for consumption and does not use them for commercial purposes. For being a consumer, goods, and services must be used for personal use and you should be the end user of the product. If the goods so purchased are engaged in trade or business, you will not get the protection.

Consumer Protection Law in Dubai

The Federal Law No. (15) of 2020 (UAE Consumer Protection Law) is the principal legislation that is dedicated to protecting the rights and interests of consumers against the poor quality of goods and services. The scope of this law is very wide and it sets out the liability of suppliers, advertisers, and commercial agents across the country for any exploitation against the consumer. Recently, our advocates in Dubai have highlighted that after a recent Amendment, e-commerce service providers are also made liable under this law.

Rights of consumers

In Dubai, numerous rights are provided to the consumers, and some major consumer rights in Dubai are discussed hereinbelow-

  • To provide them with good quality goods and services;
  • To provide them with a safe environment at the time of purchasing goods or availing services;
  • To educate and aware them of their rights and duties;
  • To give them access to a wide variety of goods and services in the market;
  • To provide reasonable compensation and damage if some injury is suffered on account of defective goods or poor services.

In addition to the same, our top lawyers in Dubai have highlighted that a supplier is legally obliged to protect consumers’ privacy and all other sensitive personal information. All the material information about the product must be mentioned on the product itself through visible labeling. Further, the consumer must be provided with an invoice wherein all the details, such as price, quantity, etc should be mentioned in the Arabic language and the seller may add any other language in the invoice. Moreover, strict penalties are prescribed for misleading advertisements or furnishing false information to consumers. If the seller or manufacturer is found liable, he will face imprisonment of a term that may extend up to 2 years and a fine not exceeding 2 million.


To safeguard the interest of consumers, various rights are conferred in the consumer protection law and strict penalties are prescribed for their violation. The Ministry of Economy has also established a Consumer Protection Department which deals with various consumer right issues and ensure maximum welfare. The government has also launched a Customer Happiness Charter which aims to augment customers’ happiness with government services. To know more, you can contact our best lawyers in Dubai.

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