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Legal Information

Legal Information

BSB Legal Consultants is a law firm registered in UAE and having offices across different Emirates. We currently practice in all domains of law. Owing to the requirements of our clients, we are still expanding our scope of services. Our team of lawyers comprise of lawyers from Ras Al Khaimah, Dubai and all over the UAE. The primary agenda of our Lawyers in Dubai is to provide legal advice to our clients on matters relating to the UAE corporate and commercial law, property law, contract law, maritime law, banking and finance law, construction law, civil and criminal litigation etc.


Our team of attorneys at BSB legal Consultant’s Ras Al Khaimah and Dubai office comprise of culturally diverse Human Resource who are mostly multilingual. The lawyers of BSB Legal belongs to a diverse background assisting various clients residing within or outside UAE.


The users of the website will have an obligation under the legal information contained in this document or any other document present on the website such as disclaimer, privacy policy or copyright notice. The users are advised to read the information present on the website and understand the same at it is of high value. Minors should be given guidance by their parents or guardians for the same purpose. We have a sole discretion in matter of amending the information from time to time.

No information shall be sent by the user to our team until and unless they have signed the engagement letter or if the request has been made expressly for such information. The confidentiality of the information that is sent by the user to us, in case we do not represent the user, in any manner such as email or through website, shall be deemed as not applicable.

In case any information is share with regards to the payments that are made by the user in order to purchase any product or services from us, such information shall be directly sent to the payment provider through ways of secured connection. If the payment is made through the card, then the cardholder shall retain a copy of the transaction made and shall be aware of all the merchant policies and rules.


We follow highest standards with regards to anti-money laundering standards within the UAE jurisdiction. Our team works towards not only internal checks but also towards an extensive identity check of our clients. We tend to follow all the legal requirements and rules wherever necessary. In addition to this, we may ask our clients to provide with the requisite information for the same purpose along with the appropriate evidences of their identity. We tend to comply with our AML Policy with respect to the information received by the users or the clients and such information will be retained by us for the purpose of knowing our clients.


No warranties are taken up by us, except in cases where we expressly mention the same or in cases where the government guidelines require us to do so. All other expressed or implied guarantees are hereby excluded. With respect to the use of information that is present on our site or with respect to downloads made through the site, we hereby exclude any or all liabilities that arise during our connection with the user or our clients, except in cases that are provided by the law.

The information provided on the website is accurate to the best of our knowledge but we will not be liable for any kind of error or inaccuracy found due to a genuine human error or typographical error. No representation is made by us with respect to the accuracy, liability, truthfulness or completeness of the website. The users will be at their own risk while using the information provided on the site.

Though the website is free from any kind of virus or related risk to the best of our knowledge, yet we shall not be held liable for any kind of loss or damage made to the users or the clients with regards to such risk. We are not responsible for any cost or expenses that are related to the use of information by the users or the clients.

We will not refund any kind of payment made by the user, irrespective of any clause of termination of the representation agreement. The request made by the user for the purpose of refund will be reviewed on the sole discretion of BSB legal Consultants.

In case where the information provided on the website is declared as void or invalid by any competent authority or the court of law, then in that case, the remaining part of the information will be deemed as unaffected.


The usage of the website and the communications made with respect of such usage will be subjected to the laws of United Arab Emirates.

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