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How to Report Fraud in UAE

Fraud is one of the financial crime that involves those activities which result in acquiring or receiving of money, movable goods or immovable real property, which is owned by someone else, by fraudulent means. The fraudulent means referred to as above is generally the deception by the offender. Owing to the serious impacts of the offense of fraud, it is highly advisable for the individuals or the companies to undertake all precautionary measures as and when they deal with big transactions. One way of ensuring the authenticity of a transaction is to verify about the owner of the property which is the subject matter of the transaction. Considering the fact that UAE is the economical as well as financial hub, the government has taken considerable steps to curb these financial crimes by introducing few regulatory authorities. These are as under:
    1. The Central Bank: If an individual or a company has been the victim to fraud, the very first step for them is to report such crime to the central bank of the UAE. The central bank  acts as the apex body of all the other banks and financial institutes, with an exception of DIFC. In order to report the crime one can either register the complaint using the e-form available at their site or can dial 800 (22823)
    1. Securities and Commodities Authorities: the main role of the Securities and Commodities authority is to regulate all the securities in the UAE, excluding the DIFC. In case of a fraud involved with respect to the securities, this authority can prove to be highly beneficial for the victim. He can complaint either through their online portal or can dial 800 (722823).
    1. Dubai Financial Service Authority:  the main focus of this authority is to regulate the financial services which are ancillary to the DIFC. Unlike the above two, it is regarded as an exclusive authority which has jurisdiction on financial matters involving DIFC. On can lodge a complaint through their online portal.
    1. The Supreme Audit Institution: It acts as an independent and supreme audit body of the UAE. It works along with Federal National Council. The mission and vision of the authority is not just to audit the governmental departments but it also mandates to fight fraud and corruption. To register a complaint, one can file an application on their site or call 02-635-9999.
  1. Police authorities: Based on the jurisdiction, one can also lodge a complaint to the police authorities. Such as:
    1. Dubai Police: To file a complaint one can visit the nearest police station, call 901 or register a complaint on their app.
    2. Abu-Dhabi Police: one can contact the police through their call centre no. – 800-3333 or can visit their website.
    3. Sharjah Police: one can visit the nearest police station or can even register a complain on their website.

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