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BSB Legal Consultants is represented by a group of experienced and qualified legal professionals. BSB Legal Consultants is a company registered before Ras Al Khaimah Economic Zone (RAKEEZ) and adheres to the federal and local laws of Ras Al Khaimah, UAE.


The content available on this website, including legal news, legal articles or journals are intended to provide general legal information and should not be considered as an alternative to professional legal advice.

The purpose of the information that is published on the site is for providing information to the users which can be used as reference too.  The information provided should not be deemed or construed as a legal advice by any attorney for any purpose. Until and unless a formal client-attorney documentation is signed by the user of the website, no information present here or communicated through channels like email will be construed as a legal advice by attorneys of BSB Legal Consultants. BSB legal consultant will be the sole proprietor and owner of the information, database of the website, the structure of the database, user database, the design of database and other forums and services. The information present on our site or any kind of legal interpretation is accurate to the best of our knowledge but is still subjected to the revision. We hereby disclaim all kind of liabilities that arise as a result of action taken or not taken with respect to any of the or all of the content that is present on the site with full extend that is permitted by the law. We advise you to not take action or restrict yourself in acting upon in a certain manner on the information present here, until and unless you have consulted professional legal counsel.

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