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Construction Lawyers in Dubai

Construction industry is mistakenly characterised by just commitment, time and resources that are deployed in a project. A trend can be seen of a boost up tourism in UAE which has eventually led to the growth of infrastructure and construction sector. At BSB legal consultants we follow the approach of real time communication and responsiveness. We have a best team of Lawyers in Dubai who make sure that the advice for the clients are properly altered and tailored along with their documents, with the main aim to fulfil their commercial needs. What people tend to forget is that the risk is suspectible to each projects. There are situations where the clients along with their appointed contractors land in an expensive litigation. Due to the complexity of the construction industry, it is advisable to the companies to take precautionary measures in order to avoid the risk involved. This is where we step in.

BSB Legal Consultants is a preeminent law firm focusing on construction law that disseminates high quality legal services throughout UAE, in addition to various other areas abroad. Our lawyers possess a wide range of knowledge with respect to the legal aspect of almost all the sectors of the construction industry along with energy sector, which is inclusive of engineering procurement and contracting, infrastructure and manufacturing facilities. Our team of lawyers specialised in construction law are also responsible for suggesting and advising its clients on matters of management, development and financing of new projects that the clients undertake.

The civil lawyers at our firm have specialised practice in every area of construction and infrastructure law. They tend to represent various parties such as facility managers, contractors, developers, employers etc. We are devoted in keeping our clients updated in accordance to the legal developments that take place every now and then.

Our team assumes the role of the negotiator for negotiating contracts. In addition to this, they are well capable of creating bids and documents that are related to the tender. They also display their expertise in cases of private public partnership projects as well as matters of administration and risk management. In cases of breach of contract, claims that are subject matter of destruction or loss of property, insurance matters along with their coverage, dispute resolution and litigation.

We also own the requisite skills and capability for the purpose of undertaking various construction contracts which are mainly focused on various factors such as risk, responsibilities and considerations needed for the satisfactory performance of a construction project.

Other areas of expertise

Merger and Acquisition

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Restructuring and Bankruptcy

BSB Legal Consultants primarily aims attention at both commercial as well as personal bankruptcy matters. Understanding the grievousness of the situation of several cases

ADR and Debt Recovery

We, at BSB Legal Consultants endeavour every area of dispute resolution. Our team of best civil lawyers is involved in disseminating various suggestions and advises

Arbitration Law

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Family Law

We at BSB Legal Consultant, comprise a compliant and efficacious teams of lawyers who specialize in family law of different states.

Client Testimonials

Sanand Dhamija

It has been a pleasure working with BSB, especially with Mrs Smriti Ganotra. She was extremely helpful and went out of her way to get things done and solve any issues. Mr Ahmed was also extremely supportive, helpful and simplified things extremely well. They will be our Go To team for any opportunities in the UAE.
Agos Aviation Pvt. Ltd.

Osman Ali

Smriti and her team are AMAZING. Was going through an off plan property dispute that was not delivered on time. Smriti and her team done their magic and we won. Grateful to her and the team. Highly recommended. Worth every penny. Very professional and communication was excellent
Blue Motion Limited

Jaseel Moosa

Highly recommend for their reliable and professional guidance on Legal matters.
PetroServe International (PSI)

Dorine Smits

Highly professional and dedicated! Feels very safe to leave legal matters in their experienced and knowledgeable hands. I strongly recommend their good service!
VR Cleaning Services LLC


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