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Civil Law

Civil Lawyers in Dubai UAE

Civil law refers to the set of rules that prevent citizen’s private rights, provide legal remedies that might arise in a dispute. They are distinct from criminal, political and military matters. It consist of a system of civil code that reject excessive details and opt for general clauses while dealing with civil matters.

We at BSB Legal Consultant, provide with an extensive legal services under the cover of civil law that is inclusive of breach of contract, recovering of money, solving of recovery disputes, disputes on subject matters such as children, wards, guardianship, marriage, will, succession, probate, estate, administration, etc. In addition to this, the Civil lawyers have expertise in advising, pleading, drafting for services like conveyance of following documents, notices, deeds and agreements.

The expertise of our legal team includes advising on matters for obtaining damages, both of injunctive and eviction nature, negligence, breach of contract and breach of trust etc. We practice all over UAE with a motive to disseminate such practical and real time advice to our clients that can result in favourable outcomes with respect to their needs.

This is not all, we provide representation to a number of governmental bodies with respect to cvil matters resulting in litigation.

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