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AED 150 Million illegal drugs found in CAT FOOD-Abu Dhabi

AED 150 Million illegal drugs found in CAT FOOD-Abu Dhabi

In a major drug racket outburst, the police of Abu Dhabi have confiscated illegal drugs valuing over AED 150 Million. The seized drug was smuggled from one of the neighbouring countries through Khalifa Port to a European country.The General Administration of Customs-Abu Dhabi and the Police department of the Emirate joined hands for this successful mission. In a video released by the customs department, the offenders were using K-9 trackers to carry out the illegal drugs of approximately 1.5 ton in the pretext of pet food. The police and custom department came into action after receiving information about a suspicious shipment.In this article, we will discuss the increasing drug smuggling in UAE and the legal provisions involved with the help of our top criminal lawyers of UAE.

Why UAE is becoming a hub of drug smuggling?
In the opinion of our top criminal lawyers of UAE, this gulf country operates as a major transshipment point for traffickers to smuggle drugs from drug producing countries (Afghanistan and Pakistan) to Southwest Asia, Europe, and Africa. The major factor contributing to the development is the emergence of “free ports” in the country where tons of goods are transhipped without being subject to deep inspection. Further, the gulf country is also in proximity with a major drug cultivation region and a coastline spreading across 700 kilometres.

Legal provisions surrounding drug-trafficking in UAE
Historically, UAE has adopted a no tolerance policy toward drug consumption, production and trafficking in other countries. Recently, the government promulgated the Federal Law No. (30) of 2021 (UAE Anti Drug Law) to relax the earlier stringent provisions relating to the consumption of cannabis for the first time users. However, as pointed out by our top criminal lawyers of Dubai, the punishment for grave and serious offenses is made more stringent.

The new law prescribes 3 kinds of punishment for the drug offenders. The act of inciting or facilitating the consumption or sale of drugs is subject to 5 year imprisonment and a fine of AED 50,000. If the consumption or sale is taken place at a public place, it shall be considered as an aggravating circumstance providing for much harsher punishments.

More importantly, if a person indulges in the trafficking, smuggling or setting up places for the storage of drugs for the purpose of export, he shall be punished with an imprisonment period of 7-10 years with a minimum fine of AED 100,000. As highlighted by our top criminal lawyers of UAE, the repeated offenders may face life imprisonment.

Drug trafficking is a serious offence in UAE providing for stringent punishment. The new law further aims to curb the serious offenses pertaining to drugs in the country.

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