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540 prisoners were released in Ramadan month

540 prisoners were released in Ramadan month

In this holy month of Ramadan, the President of UAE released a total 540 prisoners. These prisoners were given presidential pardon just before the beginning of this holy month. Considering as a gift of this pious period, this step from the president is making global highlights and became a subject of larger discussion.
In this news article, we will discuss the major highlights pertaining to the release of prisoners with the help of our best criminal lawyers of UAE.
Why the prisoners are getting released?
In the opinion of our best criminal lawyers of Dubai, the main objective of President’s decision is to provide a stable life for all the people in the country. This opportunity is extended only to those prisoners who are well-behaved, and shown substantial signs of improvement. Before releasing them, it will be ensured that they have transformed into a better human being and will not reiterate this offense again in the future. The Deputy Prime Minister of Dubai opined that the release of prisoners will help them to strike a balance between individual and collective interest.
As highlighted by our top criminal lawyers of Dubai, this is not the first instance where the prisoners are released. The UAE President, while exercising its inherent power, had released a total of 662 prisoners just before the 48th National Day. During that time, the President also offered to settle the financial obligations of the released prisoners. The whole act was intended to offer all the released prisoners a suitable opportunity to initiate a new life and mitigate the sufferings of the family.
Power of President to grant pardon
The power to grant pardon to the prisoners are derived from the UAE Constitution. As per Article 45 of the Constitution, there shall be a Federal judiciary which includes Federal Supreme Court, Federal courts, and Public Prosecution. The judgments rendered by Hon’ble Supreme Court is final and binding in nature.
However, the President is vested with some extraordinary powers. As pointed out by our top lawyers of Dubai, the punishment of death must be approved by the President. Moreover, the President may substitute or award lesser punishment in accordance with the settled procedure or rules made thereunder. In addition to that, the President can grant pardon from any decision passed by Federal judiciary.
The month of Ramadan is a symbol of happiness, joy and contentment. Considering this pious occasion, the President have exercised his extraordinary powers and granted pardon to 546 prisoners. The process of release is conducted in consultation with all the relevant authorities involved in this matter. If you want to know further, kindly contact one of our best lawyers of Dubai.
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